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Your are reading: Sea Palace: Floating Resort coming soon to Dubai Marina
Sea Palace: Floating Resort coming soon to Dubai Marina - Hommes Studio

Sea Palace: Floating Resort coming soon to Dubai Marina

The Sea Palace Floating Resort is coming soon to Dubai Marina. A floating luxury hotel surrounded by six stunning villas. It is similar to a big ship or cruise, and maybe that’s why it is Seagate Shipyard who is constructing it. 

Sea Palace Floating Resort

This Dh600 million project teach us that luxury and sustainability can be perfectly combined. Which floating villa will include intelligent automatic system, solar panels, waste recycling and self-sterilizing air filtration systems. 

The architects inspired themselves by a type of glass-hulled boat to make the floor’s villa transparent, where you can see the bottom of the sea. Besides, the furniture is designed by Aston Martin. These furniture pieces are autonomous and can “navigate” at the guest’s leisure. 

Sea Palace Floating Resort

One of the six stunning villas, Neptune, is already sold to the businessman Balvinder Sahni. Neptune is already completed and consists of two floors, an outdoor swimming pool on the roof, a balcony and four ensuite bedrooms

Sea Palace Floating Resort

According to Mohammed El Bhawravi, Seagate Shipyard founder, the project is already at 65%. 

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