Welcome To This Iconic Fantasy Tree House in Ohio


Let’s explore Debby Ryan and Josh Dun’s fantasy tree house designed by the actor and musician tapped Fawn Galli and Ashley Moyer, located in Columbus, Ohio.

Located in Columbus, Ohio, is where the first house of this married couple is designed with the most distinguish but meaningful design. In this fantasy tree house, each element or decoration has a meaning behind it, a wonderful house in which the warmth and playful vibe of the couple can be felt.

Ryan was the one who suggested, “Let’s relocate to Columbus.” Nothing they had seen felt exactly like the home they had been looking for to establish roots in. They delayed their departure because, coincidentally, a brand-new listing had just appeared on Dun’s real estate applications, so they decided to take a look.

Debby Ryan and Josh dun  in one of their rooms in the fantasy tree house

Their new home met all of their requirements: it was close to family and friends, roomy enough to accommodate guests as well as their many recreational activities, and it featured a backyard filled with squirrels that their golden retriever dog, Jim, would like. It reminded them of a hobby they both had in common: treehouses because it was perched in a forest.

They purchased the property, started creating Google Documents and Pinterest boards, and hired interior designer Fawn Galli to bring their vision to life after seeing her own quite imaginative Brooklyn home in AD. They wanted to convey a fantasy tree house

Dun & Dun house

Much of the design aesthetic was influenced by the treehouse idea, beginning at the point where all the dwellings begin: the entrance path, with the distinctive design style used in this fantasy tree house. By using organic shapes, textures, and materials, they hoped to soften the lines of the house. They were drawn to areas with lots of green, which is how the tree house evolved into a tree home.


The art used in the walls conveys the sense of youth that galli wanted envisioned for the fantasy tree house. The designer explained “They wanted a really strong playfulness, almost otherworldly atmosphere,(…) were not just in a living room that had a sofa and a television. Instead there might be an artwork with elements of infinity or stools shaped like mushrooms—a constant element of surrealism.”

Dun recalls feeling “like there was so much room to inject our individuality into the place” as she walked through the fantasy tree house. This was not only the first home that the two of us had planned together, but it was also the first time that we had truly felt free to personalize a space.

Underneath is the comfortable living area, where they have decided to install a small fireplace in the wide column that looks like it is made of various-sized stones and is decorated with a painting, two dark green armchairs,including a pair of strawberry-shaped side tables. The living room and the cathedralroom, also known as the sunroom, which we shall see next , are divided by that large column.

fantasy tree house: living room

In the living room of this fantasy tree house, Josh Dun had one request for the furniture color, and that is the protagonist in every living room house – the sofa. So they acquired a white sofa, a gentle counterpoint to the living room’s more intriguing tenants, eye-catching artworks by Pose and R.J. Hohimer, and a bust of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson they had commissioned from artist Ronja Kappel.

The vintage Blockbuster card that is framed in acrylic, Dun’s Gameboy, a throwback from the 1990s, and the neon “Dun & Dun” sign from their wedding are just a few of the items in this home that have a tale to tell. In order to flesh out the story, Ryan and Moyer scoured Columbus’s vintage and antique shops for carefully chosen retro items to incorporate into the mix. Many of these items were acquired from the neighborhood depot, Grandview Mercantile.


We can see the cathedral or sunroom in the image above; the home’s owners described it as a treasured place where they shared many heartfelt moments with guests. Even guests could leave their imprint; in the treehouse-themed guest room, an easel is set up where guests are invited to create a small work of art that will be framed and placed to the gallery wall.

The expansive atrium space was designed by Ryan and Dun and has a custom shroom-themed painting by DABSMYLA, as well as cushions made of fabric with fungal prints from Spoonflower, vibrant lanterns by Julie Lansom, and mushroom-shaped stools by Fabulaxe. From Rugs USA comes the Moroccan-inspired rug.

In the darker roomof this fantasy tree house (on the left side) which josh preferes at night to unwind and prepare for tour, or whatever it may be,” says Moyer, who collaborated with the couple to design the cocoon-like primary bedroom, wrapped in a wallpaper Ryan discovered on Spoonflower called Tattoo Me Tattoo You and paired with Farrow & Ball’s engulfing Studio Green. The Moroccan checkered rug is from Ouive, the nightstands are from CB2, and the bed is from RH.

In the middle, The so-called Treehouse guest bedroom is one of the fantasy tree house dreamy spaces.The mossy rug is from Two Pins business on Etsy, and the Sapling bed is from Urban Forge. Together, they set the tone, and antique table lamps from Grandview Mercantile and lighting from Anthropologie and Lumens create the ambiance. The chair’s manufacturer is Tov Furniture.

On the right side, a West Elm coverlet and Williams Sonoma shams are used to decorate the CB2 bed in this guest room. The mushroom lamp is vintage and from the 1970s, the rug is from East Perry, and the ceiling fixture is by AGO from 1stDibs. Both the antique nightstands and the sculpture are from Grandview Mercantile.

In the main white bathroom, is the faux bois side table and the faux-leather side table which are both from Global Views; the pendant light is design by Yi Lighting. The piece of art is a framed Art Deco poster from Grandview Mercantile, one of Ryan’s favorite local retailers.

In the guest bathroom, Ryan and Dun let free while using this outrageous Astek wallpaper featuring a drunk monkey. “I thought, What if a few of the monkeys escaped? Ryan recalls a conversation she had with her friend, the artist Erin Burchwell, in which she asked, “What if they were partying too hard?” She simply had the idea that they should exit into the hallway.

Since relocating to Columbus, Ryan and Dun have been part of the vibrant local artistic scene there, and they worked closely with many of their new acquaintances to build their new house.

As Justin Withrow, a graffiti artist, destroyed the downstairs home gym, Adam Brouillette, a painter, spray-painted the dining room in the basement kitchen in an electric magenta. In that kitchen is a vintage movie director’s chair with the name of the person who sat in it and the name of one of the most well-known television shows.

In the white and larger kitchen has Viesso’s chubby counter stools which gives a futuristic atmosphere. Next to it is the colorful dining room, with the pastel raibown colors in the irregular rug which links all the items above it, just as the blach chairs and dining table. They put the items giving the space a lighter feeling.

This is one of the boom boom boom areas, and Dun & Dun trademarked it by fitting it into every possible object without crowding the area too much. Images from the DABSMYLA mural upstairs are printed on stretch fabric and affixed to the walls of Dun’s drum chamber to improve the room’s acoustics. The arched mirror is from Overstock, and the mossy drum set was specially ordered from SJC Custom Drums.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this tour of this fantasy tree house home of twenty one pilots drummer Josh Dun and famous actor Debby Ryan, as well as being inspired by the amazing interior design to which they contributed by way of paintings and other significant design aspects. For further inspiration please visit our interior projects.

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Photos by Ryan Kurtz | Source: architecturaldigest
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