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Bold Rituals Living Room: Shop the Look - Hommes Studio

Bold Rituals Living Room: Shop the Look

Bold Rituals Living Room is an eccentric design set, colorful, and out of the box. The living room, one of the most important house areas, can be the most personal place.

With statement furniture pieces, strong patterns and colors, it is the perfect space for long evenings with friends or family.

This design set is ideal for people who are not afraid to take risks, but at the same time, it is a comfortable and functional space. This Bold Rituals Living Room represents the city living environment.

The furniture pieces by HOMMÉS Studio

memphis design style rounded sofa for modern living room projects

Cluedo Sofa is a Memphis design style sofa. This rounded sofa and its round ottomans offer a modern-chic vibe to any modern living room design.

Crina rug has a unique design puzzle shape. This floor-art piece is a powerful combination of nude tones and organic shapes, an extraordinary modern rug perfect for contemporary interiors.


Koro Armchair is a mid-century modern armchair, whose refined fabrics and shape enhance the real sense of comfort. Perfect for any contemporary interior design project.

HOMMÉS’s suggestions

curved sofa for luxury living room

Gyvaté Serpentine Sofa is a three-part sectional sofa with an elegant curvy silhouette. With an iconic aesthetic, this contemporary design piece allows a customizable composition to be a feature in a high-end interior design project.

luxury outdoor odonto center table for contemporary garden designs

Odonto Center Table was designed as an outdoor center table. Created in the attempt to re-interpret the hexagonal shapes seen in the Islamic Culture mixed with a funny Memphis design extra.

luxury center tables set to adorn exclusive interiors

Los Gordos Center Table Set is a rock star piece of Hommés Studio collection. This coffee table set was conceived not only to enhance outdoor spaces but also to adorn the interiors.

30s marble floor lamp

Luminous Floor Lamp is a classic reinterpretation turned into a modern unique floor lamp. This piece’s design revives the timeless shapes of the 30s.

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