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Just as a table in the kitchen, sofa and armchairs make the center of the living – for everyday sitting, sleeping, reading, and watching TV. In a word, for relaxation. Armchair needs to be comfortable, soft, and solidly made – it is a purchase for years.

So what kind of armchair should we choose so that in the time of relaxation we forget about the whole world and focus on the circumstances of nature, when the body is properly supported on all sides and we can concentrate on a book, film and warm tea? Hommes Studio presents you a selection of premium armchairs and we guarantee that you will find something for yourself:

1. Kongo

Kongo armchair is a futuristic vision that combines mid-century classic style with an African vibe.

This comfortable velvet seating with brass finishes will add elegance to any living room. It can also go with other colours and materials, that will suit your needs.

  • Kongo Armchair by Hommés Studio
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    Kongo Armchair


2. Ajui

Ajui armchair comes in two different shapes, that can be also combined with a sofa in the same style. This seat of seating is an artsy interpretation of a cactus, that will take a stage of every space. Its unique shape makes it a perfect piece for a modern living area project, as well as for contemporary hotel area designs.

Its swivel base made from beautiful golden polished brass brings a touch of luxury into this remarkable armchair project. Despite its look, it won’t poke you like a cactus, so don’t be afraid! You can expect full comfort from this luxury piece.

  • Ajui Armchair Pink by Hommés Studio
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    Ajui Armchair Pink


3. Alice 

Alice armchair, made from white fluffy sheep fur seat with a rosy suede back and black lacquered wood support with a marble main base is a true feast for the eyes for highest quality lovers.

This comfortable combination of materials makes the armchair a truly luxury piece. It will suit every contemporary and mid-century interior design. Featuring an elegant mix of materials, Alice armchair is suitable for a modern living room.

  • Alice Armchair by Hommés Studio
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    Alice Armchair


4. Max

This remarkable armchair brings detail from the old days to contemporary design. Its’ beautiful fur on the back resembles a warm blanket, that makes the armchair seem as it was inviting us to its cosy space.

Perfectly comfortable with its velvet, soft seating will look marvelous in any mid-century design, as well as in all classyart-deco and even maximalist interiors. In our opinion, you couldn’t find an armchair that is both as unique and cosy as this one.

  • Max Armchair by Hommés Studio
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    Max Armchair


5. Cluedo

Cluedo Armchair is a Memphis design style chair. A rounded armchair that offers comfort, and a modern-chic vibe to any modern living room design. This piece provides a modern-chic vibe to your project design.

  • Cluedo Armchair by Hommés Studio
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    Cluedo Armchair


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