An Apartment In Park Avenue, Full Of Contemporary Pieces


Melanie Morris fitted out this Apartment In Park Avenue with a balanced mix of contemporary and vintage pieces.

Melanie Morris, interior designer, and her glamorous client, after sending a few direct messages back and forth, the two agreed to meet in theirApartment In Park Avenue, New York.

This Apartment In Park Avenue had been completely modified, leaving only a few original details, such as the fireplace in the living room and the medallion on the dining room ceiling.

Both the designer and the client compared their favorite pieces in their respective 1stdibs applications, where the designer ended up purchasing about half of the furniture she bought for the local apartment, from classic to contemporary pieces, resulting in a practical yet still luxurious home.

To encourage a dialogue while in this Apartment In Park Avenue living – room, the owners asked that the living room not have a flat screen. The space contains two large sitting areas, with round furniture and soft hues. The two areas are distinguishable from each other by their colors, one pink and capricious and the other jeweled and regal.

In the more playful half it would be interesting to add the Hommés Studio Moa Sofa.

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The more classic side features two Steve Chase sofas, with a metal table and coffee table by Paul Evans in the center. 

In the living – room we can see a wallpaper that stands out and a pink rug that provides a background for the furniture pieces. 

The overall feel of the house is cool and contemporary. 

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In the dining – room Morris chose not to use the feminine pastel hues that he used in the rest of the house, where we notice only the use of pink in the mirror by Ettore Sottass Ultrafragola, showing the instagram inspirations that are seen in the a more contemporary side of the house.

Adding some Ach Collection pieces to fill the room with funny and different decoration would be the perfect choice for a dining – room with a fresh yet luxurious look.

The bedroom has pink flower wallpaper by Brett Design, custom bedside tables and tin lamps.

It is a simple room that relies on light and feminine tones, which did not bother the client’s husband who was quite willing to have a room with a more feminine touch.
Adding the Lynx Table Lamp from Hommés Studio would give this space a careful and luxurious high – end.

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In the library or guest room, the walls and floor reveal a certain texture. Considering that this is a space with a dual function, it was important to bet on a sofa that could also serve as a bed.Kelly Wearstler’s graphic wallpaper is the client’s favorite piece of wallpaper in the house. 

For Morris the preferences are more subtle, with the study being the coziest room in the house with a luxurious sofa and a rug that stands out. 

The Chess Center Table by Hommés Studio would be a great decision to complement this space, with a more textural and dark hues, yet a very luxurious and warm room.

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This Apartment In Park Avenue is the perfect example of an interior that combines two different styles in the best way, in this project, the classic style combining vintage pieces and the modern style with more contemporary pieces, giving it a versatile look and making it an apartment that fits perfectly in New York City, a city that by itself brings together two very distinct architectural styles that complement each other very well, making the interiors difficult to get boring, captivating those who live there to want to spend time in their own space. The combination between vintage and contemporary is the perfect choice for an irreverent yet luxurious apartment.


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