A Hamilton Island Holiday Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale


This tropical island Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale completely goes out of the designer’s typical style.

A metal lover, in this Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale there’s a escape to his usual register, where we hardly find the presence of gold, brass or copper.  A house located in the tropics requires the use of other types of materials, metals are not an option, salt can erode the materials, present from doorknobs to toasters. 

On a vacation to Qualia on Hamilton Island, the family that purchased this Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale was overwhelmed by the beauty of the location and the property. 

Chris Beckingham designed the suites that belong to the house, a structure in accordance with the outdoor environment, with large glass windows that allow you to take in the beauty of the exterior that envelops the Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale.

A structure based on a series of connected sheds, with a main building with bedrooms, two indoor and four outdoor living areas, a kitchen and a backup kitchen, and a couple of swimming pools as required.

Having previously worked with the clients in question, Greg was able to achieve a satisfactory result in that he knew what was intended by the owners. With a clear inspiration in Qualia, the Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale has a warm, mysterious and comfortable interior. With an Italian style and furniture reminiscent of the 1970s.

In an outdoor space at this Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale that evokes a sense of warmth and comfort nothing could be better than adding a Kara Sofa from Hommés Studio which is perfect for environments like this.

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There is a connection between the warm and vaporous Hamilton Island, with its humid environment, and the wood in the entire Home Full of luxury by Greg Natale needed to breathe, so all the slatted details in the kitchen and all the carpentry were designed to have the highest air flow, to avoid damaging the interior materials of the building.

Adding pieces from the Ach Collection, goes along with the style of this outdoor category that calls for a more lively yet still comfortable approach.

With rosewood ceilings that convey a warm sense of place, Greg Natale took advantage and worked the rosewood back with walnut on important pieces like the dining table.

In addition to the use of metals that was shattered in this work, Greg Natale used a very attractive pattern on the sofa, Monstera pattern, with the tropical look, instead of using the typical sofa pad colors of previous interior projects.

We can always add the Lunarys Center Table Olive Marron that will give a sophisticated and elegant touch to this Home Full of Luxury by Greg Natale.

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A simple but attractive kitchen, with abundant woodwork carefully thought out to remain looking great given the environment in which it is located.

With a strict requirement that each room in the house should be the best room, the clients wanted them to be like hotel rooms, all matching, so that there is a consistency between perceptions and so that whoever ends up in any room feels the same way.

In the bathroom we can verify the presence of curtains in pink hues and a prevalence of wood in an interior with darker walls, contrasting tones and emphasizing the theme of the interior spaces.

Although this is not Greg Natale’s first project with these clients, it is the first project on an island, an interesting challenge for Greg Natale. 

Besides the transportation of the parts being a challenge, the biggest challenge was dealing with Cyclone Debbie on March 28, 2017, the day the project was to be installed. The storm caused damage, particularly to the roller blinds which caused them to explode, the kitchen was damaged, the floor, the curtains and wall covering all had to be re-done, delaying the final result. Counting on the positive collaboration of the owners who faced the situation with optimism and the will to continue with the work, making the house totally cyclone proof.

With mostly urban projects, this house was an excellent opportunity for Greg Natale to take a turn at a more earthy home. 

A house that won Readers Choice Best Residential Home in the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards. Yet another break from the rule, Greg Natale didn’t expect to win, so he hadn’t set up a speech.

A well thought out and extremely pleasant place to spend time on holidays.

Source: Homes to Love


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