4 Ways To Create a Modern Contemporary Home – Victoria Hagan’s Design Approach


Explore How The Interior Designer Victoria Hagan Blended Classic Architecture With Trendy Decor To Make a Stunning, Modern Contemporary New York Apartment.

Modern contemporary design is a style that encompasses elements of modernistic and sophisticated aesthetics in interior design. It is characterized by a balance of elegance, simplicity, and functionality, as well as a mix of classic and cutting-edge art and furniture.

In this article, you will discover how to achieve this look in four easy steps, inspired by the design of Victoria Hagan, a renowned interior designer who created a charming New York apartment with this style.

The apartment is located in a historic building that dates back to 1912. It has many original features, such as the high ceilings, the marble floors, the wood paneling, status, and the fireplaces. Victoria Hagan decided to preserve these features and highlight them with a neutral palette and simple furniture with some details to contrast modern contemporary elements and enhance the overall style and character of the apartment.

Reviving the Past: How to Preserve the Architectural Details of Your Home

Preserving the original architectural details of your home, such as large windows and fireplaces, adds a sense of history and elegance to the space. 

The architectural details create a sense of grandeur and sophistication in the living room; the fireplace is framed by a large mirror and two modern paintings, which create a focal point and a balance between the old and the new.

The colors in the living room are primarily white, platinum, and gold, which create a glamorous and sophisticated atmosphere and reflect the light and the colorful art on the walls, contrasted with two green armchairs in the center, giving a touch of modernism.

Two white sofas add comfort and texture to the space, and a transparent and rectangular table is made of an explicit and shiny material that lets the light pass through and shows the floor underneath.

The furniture and accessories create a contrast and a modern contemporary style, as they combine the simplicity and the functionality of the current design with the elegance and the artistry of the sophisticated design.

The blue sofa is a long and comfortable piece with a soft and smooth fabric and a tufted back, a mixture of contemporary style and modern colors to revive the space, and completing this masterpiece with a beige-cream and gray rug with a subtle striped pattern. It is a neutral and elegant piece that matches the color palette of the room and the furniture. 

Add Some Contrast: Mixing Modern and Contemporary Pieces of Furniture

Moving to the other rooms in this New York apartment, as you enter the library, you feel a cozy and elegant room with a warm and rich color palette of brown, gold, and blue.

The room has a wooden paneling on the walls that was lightened to create a more modern and airy feel. The large and sparkling chandelier that hangs from the ceiling adds some glamour and sophistication to the space.

Passing to the second living room, the mix of modern and contemporary styles appears differently. A large and comfortable sofa, two chairs, a center table, and a side table.

The blue sofa with creamy pillows reminds us of the two color hues in the other spaces, with ’90s shaped rugs in both the rooms, and that’s how Victoria Hagan succeeded in creating a modern contemporary apartment with its little details.

Bring Some Warmth: How to Use Natural Materials and Textures in Your Home

The primary bedroom is a cozy and elegant room with a soft and warm color palette of white, beige, and cream. The room has a silk fabric on the walls and a sheer fabric on the windows that add texture and light to the space. 

When you enter the room, you feel the modern contemporary style’s pure simplicity. Starting from the large and comfortable bed to the bench and the armchair and completing the style with a soft beige rug in the same color shade as the whole bedroom.

The swing arm scone made of a metal and glass material adds glamour and sophistication to the space.

How to Display a Modern Art Collection in Your Home

One of the less apparent changes the designers made was cutting an opening between the living and dining rooms, inserting black-framed glass doors that can be closed for greater intimacy or left open for an appealing sense of flow that extends through all the entertaining spaces.

The dining room is large and elegant, with a striking and bold color palette of black, white, and blue. The room has a blue plaster on the walls that creates a gradient effect from dark to light, adding depth and drama to the space. 

The furniture in the room is a mix of modern and contemporary styles, with a long and narrow table and ten dark grey chairs. The table is made of a shiny and smooth material that reflects the light and the blue walls.

Mixing Different Styles

Modern contemporary design is a style that combines elements of modern and contemporary aesthetics in interior design. Its main characteristic is the balance between simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, as well as a mix of classic and original art and furniture. In this article, we have explored how to achieve a modern contemporary look in your home in four easy steps, following the design approach of Victoria Hagan, the interior designer who created a unique New York apartment with this style.

We hope you enjoyed and were inspired to achieve a modern contemporary house; we invite you to explore the HOMMÉS Studio Furniture and Lighting Catalog to complete the perfect modern contemporary look.

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