Il dolce far niente is a lifestyle and also a concept for a Mediterranean interior design project.

We’ve gathered everything that might inspire you in four moodboards – they have the green and blue from the Mediterranean landscape, the smell of cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, the texture of the wild vegetation, and the neutral hues from the sandy-peachy-pinky houses and cliffs of Italian coastline.

Il dolce far niente is the moto for your modern Mediterranean interior design project. Allow time to slow down. Let loose time perception, and be inspired!


Il Dolce Far Niente - Summer Moodboard

Jelly Pouf by Hommés Studio
Picasso Tray by ACH Collection
Mauritius Wallpaper by Pierre Frey - Il Dolce Far Niente Summer Moodboard by Hommés Studio
Mauritius Wallpaper by Pierre Frey

Modern Outdoor Furniture Collection by Hommés Studio
Marina Armchair by Hommés Studio
Achi Green by ACH Collection
Zebra Cushion by ACH Collection

Pollock Parasol Base is an outdoor side table that duals as a bold parasol base.
Pollock Side Table by Hommés Studio
Lisola Armchair is a luxury seating piece for contemporary outdoor space.
Lisola Armchair by Hommés Studio
luxury parasol for contemporary garden sombrilla designs
Elektra Parasol by Hommés Studio

Green from the wild vegetation and blue from the Mediterranean Sea. These two colors – green and blue – are obligatory in a modern Mediterranean interior design project. For sure, neutral colors reign – especially white and sandy tones that reflect the sunlight like no other. Nevertheless, small home accessories, such as scented candles from ACH Collection will take your client to the Italian Coast or to a Greek Island as soon as their eyes realize the colors blooming in every corner of their Mediterranean-style home.

Hommés Studio’s outdoor furniture collection – which also can be used indoors – is the best furniture for wet, windy and sunny weather.

Il Dolce Far Niente - Summer Moodboard

Luxury Modern Outdoor Furniture
Bonnie Armchair by Hommés Studio
Zadine Cushion by ACH Collection
Il dolce Far Niente
Tampa Wallpaper by Pierre Frey

Mykonos Daybed the perfect outdoor furniture piece.
Mykonos Daybed by Hommés Studio
kalam freestanding fire pit for modern outdoor design projects
Kalam Firepit by Hommés Studio
statement outdoor side table for modern outdoor designs
Harveycanne Parasol Base by Hommés Studio

Earthy tones – because a Mediterranean interior design project must have a courtyard. If not, dare to create a Mediterranean landscape with potted plants – such as basil and roses. In addition, create seating areas wherever it is possible.

If your Mediterranean interior design project really doesn’t have space for an outdoor area – create one indoors. A botanical wallpaper, like Tampa from Pierre Frey, will get your client closer to the Mediterranean landscape and help you with the concept of il dolce far niente.

Il Dolce Far Niente - Summer Moodboard

Clyde Center Table is a manifestation of a modern design.
Clyde Center Table by Hommés Studio
Outdoor Dining Area Wall Lamp
Lynx Wall Lamp by Hommés Studio
Punk Bowl by ACH Collection

Lisola Sofa is a luxury seating piece for contemporary outdoor space.
Lisola Sofa by Hommés Studio
T-Rex Bowl by ACH Collection
Tropez - Luxury Modern Outdoor Sunbed will add luxury to any modern outdoor project design.
Tropez Daybed by Hommés Studio

Il dolce far niente - summer moodboard
Ecume Wallpaper by Pierre Frey
Martinez Cushion by ACH Collection
rosalia cabinet - blue
Rosalia Cabinet by Hommés Studio

A Mediterranean interior design project must appeal to water – either a home on the coastline or a residence with an outdoor pool. Blue elements and organic shapes mimic the water flow. In interior design, blue stands for calmness. When associated with water’s representation, the dolce far niente living will be one with your Mediterranean interior design project.

Il Dolce Far Niente - Summer Moodboard

lunarys center table for contemporary living room
Lunarys Center Table by Hommés Studio
Il dolcec far niente
Les Palmiers Wallpaper by Pierre Frey
Marcel Luxury Modern Sunbed is an unconventional outdoor furniture piece.
Marcel Daybed by Hommés Studio

Achi White by ACH Collection
Foil is a luxury daybed. It introduces an ergonomic structure and delicate details.
Foil Lounger by Hommés Studio
Outdoor Dining Chair
Cinco Chair by Hommés Studio

White and sandy hues – the perfect canvas for beach houses, modern Mediterranean interiors, and Moorish architecture. A timeless color palette for your interior design project by the sea. Allow the light hues to play the main role. They will also give your client the opportunity to decorate the room according to their mood or time of the year.

Discover more summer moodboards from Hommés Studio to inspire you on your modern interior design project. We kindly – and highly – suggest you Tropical Luxury Resort and Earthy Tones To Set Your Home Decor For Summer.

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