Inside this Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment


When we talk about his own home, the designer Wesley Moon, it is a show inspired by grand elements of the Vatican creating a Carrie Bradshaw moment

The New Yorker designer, Wesley Moon, open his Park Avenue Apartment which can be spotted huge Vatican influence. It is the stage of major religious architecture, with its Michelangelo frescoes and intricate mosaics of rare stones.

The designer confesses he is all about this mix and match between the classic and the contemporary that makes him feel the Old World vibes but adjusted to the modern days. His place is inspired mainly by his trip to the Vatican where he could see all the different types of stones and was simply amazed and in this case aimed to create a Carrie Bradshaw moment.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
The gilded wall panels of this Park Avenue living room space designed by Wesley Moon are inspired by the walls in Paris’s Restaurant Le Gabriel at Jacques Garcia’s Belle Époque beauty, La Réserve. However, instead of using leather, Moon personalized the wallpaper by Studio E for a more delicate and kind of softer effect. After all, it’s just a canvas for the salon-style art arrangement, which counts with a deconstructed portrait of Elizabeth I by Hudson Valley artist Michael Mapes.

Moon decor this two-bedroom apartment to be his own perfect place together with his partner, fashion executive Salvatore Malleo, using a veiny and colorful assortment of geological gems- from the primary bedroom Byzantine pink onyx doors to the powder room’s book matched opera d’arte marble creating a sumptuous almost worshipful Carrie Bradshaw impact.

When asked how he would define it, the designer said for him this is very much a “Carrie Bradshaw moment”. Indeed, the apartment is magnificent, starting with the luxurious wall treatments as a chasmal departure from the apartment’s previous incarnation as a “plain white box” being “stripped of every last inch of architectural detail despite the 1939 building’s rich Art Moderne origins”.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
Here can be spotted ombré drapes by Rosemary Hallgarten at the primary bedroom and apropos- oceanically speaking- and restful sanctuary. Contrasting with the living room’s Holand & Sherry drapery is presented on its fringy reverse. Can be also seen a vintage armchair covered in Pierre Frey’s L Manach spotted textile practically purrs.

According to rumors, the previous owner’s cousin, the late architect I.M. Pei had renovated the flat’s kitchen in 1977 to be a stark vision of white Formica, with cutting-edge minimalism in a time where brazen technicolor. Sizable by New York standards, the kitchen has been beautifully remodeled with new Patagonia granite countertops giving a different layer to the mica, counts also with coffee-hued cerused oak walls. However, to match the designer’s expresso martini expertise while Malleo cooks, Moons tends to take care of the bar.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
The previous owner’s cousin, the late architect I.M.Pei, according to the rumors was responsible for designing this Park Avenue kitchen in the late ’70s envisioning a white Formica in order to create a quiet and minimalist environment that spoke volumes in the era of technicolor. Moon readjusted it to the modern-day type of kitchen using Breccia Capraia marble floors, Kinon black-and-gold panels, cabinets faces in verre églomisé (gilded glass), and cerused oak panels.

Provenance, it seems, is not always set in stone. But Moon has evoked a deep sense of heritage in this 1.750 square feet apartment as if he’s been living there for much longer than just a year- a studs-out renovation of the newly bought property could only plod along, like most things during the covid-19 pandemic situation. Although, nevertheless, a high degree of collectedness stands out in the princely tableau regarding the profusion of art and objects of different styles and varying degrees of antiquity, united by a common thread.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
The library is full of symbolism. If the MJ Atelier golden ceiling mural in the library represents heaven, the Doris Leslie Blau floral French Deco area rug is the earth that makes the sofa stands out, covered in deep blue fabric by Toyine Sellers, representing the ocean. With this logic in mind, who or what could the sainted countenance of pop-culture icon Dolly Parton, composed of black-and-white Lego by Los Angeles artist Samuel Hatmaker possibly represent?

The designer revealed his spirit “I want it, I got it” and a bit more about his life. He grew up on a farm in Georgia and his father was a competitive clog dancer and Hee Haw extra who created a considered and comfortable home for the family. The aesthetics may be different but can still be seen some of her mother’s influence on it because when you love things, you can make it work somehow.

The closest to a Vatican fresco in the flat is the personalized de Gournay wallpaper placed in the dining room. Painted on gold leaf with matte pigments, this piece, featuring the palatial Palermo church Maria Santissima del Carmelo, where the designer’s partner parents wed, is undeniably lush. But looking in the right light, especially, of the candle flame from the Eve Kaplan gilded ceramic chandelier above- it’s downright three-dimensional.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
Evoking a Renaissance-era Palermo, where Malleo’s family hails from, the “Scenes of Sicily” custom wallpaper by de Gournay (a panoramic design that is soon to be released as part of the iconic British studio’s Scenic collection). It gives the dining room an opulent, old-world sensibility since the lightning, by an Eve Kaplan gilded ceramic chandelier that accommodates bulbs and candles for adjustable ambiance.

The designer embraces the Carrie Bradshaw unexpected vibes and confess that based on virtual reality people would never imagine that just next to the living space hangs a large-scale watercolor by Bay Area painter Kelly Falzone Inouye that is much less of the initial vibe of the Renaissance, but no less significant for him appearing to be out of a 1980 film 9 to 5, starring Moon’s idol, Dolly Parton (the black-and-white Lego portrait of the pop-culture icon in the library is the major proof).

Moon’s design stays perfectly balanced between maximalism and almost-maximalism. Especially, with his customized style and approach to the customer inviting some of them, attentive to details, showing them his home as the potential for their own places accompanied by some expresso martinis pushing the limits of his own creativity and style but also approach to the customers.

For instance, he chose to showcase the fringy backside of a Holand & Sherry drapery textile rather than the traditional ones. The marble fireplace wouldn’t be the star that is today if the designer hasn’t customized the architectural showpiece with Art deco-inspired molding embossed in python scales and boldly hued in turquoise, a successful partnership with the Cocobolo gallery director, Benjamin Wiener.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
On these traditional Carrie Bradshaw, white walls as a blank canvas is displaced art, the closest that Moon could come to an intentionally void backdrop for the exhibition space in his own space. Bringing all the texture and gloss, but differentially bereft of color. The room has a lot of gold and sapphire jewel tones elements in the velvet knot stools by Neta Tesler echoed in Robert Polidori’s photograph from the ” Versailles” series in the 19th century Louis XVI gilt-wood table. A wild garden explodes from the tulipiere by Matthew Solomon from Maison Gerard.
Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
For smaller rooms such as this powder room displays a shrine’s worth of geological gems source from ABC Worldwide Stone, like the walls of book-matched opera d’arte marble, the byzantine pink door casings, the personalized solid-onyx basin engraved with tree-bark texture, a partially sacramental upgrade for the ordinary tap water flowing through the Petra by Waterworks hardware.
Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
From the windows to the walls, the primary bedroom is upholstered within an inch of its existence in Fortuny textiles in the bed, by Toyine Seller in the walls, and Jim Thompson in the drapery. Not only is a perfectly beautiful remnant from an 18th-century tapestry untampered, but the designer also commissioned decorative painter Jane Henry to add squiggles and wriggles of gold paint to the headboard piece.

Being one of the master focus on this design, the replica of a Dutch master’s portrait of Elizabeth I, which might sound outdated but by the hands of the artist, Michael Mapes of New York’s Hudson Valley, who gave it another life featuring among hundred of tiny mosaic-making materials related to the monarch, an image of Moon’s grandmother, who was also named Elizabeth which give a special meaning to the piece and turn it a designer’s signature classical disruption.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
In what the design called “Carrie Bradshaw moment” Park Avenue apartment, it drawn-out dressing room features a custom closet system of cerused wood, with softer complementary touches courtesy of a Princess Leia metallic ceiling paper by Studio E that bears a crosshatch texture, plus a matching tufted pouf upholstered in golden Loro Piana cashmere.

Moon merge different styles and unique pieces although, all in the same volume and wavelength. According to himself, only in this way can be achieved the so dreamed peaceful and calm environment that can turn the house into a true home. All of them screaming his and his partner’s vibes overflowed with Carrie Bradshaw’s energy.

Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
The designer Wesley Moon chose “Smoke of London” stone slabs from ABC Marble for the walls and vanity of the primary bath for the look of terrazzo, without the trendiness. A pink-and-black marble stripped floor is a natty counterpoint to the wallpaper, a contemporary version of the imagery seen on classic Greek urns.
Proper Carrie Bradshaw Park Avenue Apartment
Even the guest bathroom, often forgotten, is a huge experience with a mix of materials, from an Ondulare Rosso marble vanity to black Kyoto Artistic Tile wall tiles, made of unrefined clay and featuring a rough glazed surface. An Osvaldo Borsani 1950s mirror adds a hint of Roman imperium with its laurel wreath motif.


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Source: Architectural Digest

Photographies by: Pernille Loof

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