Urban Xanadu, The New Project of LSD Casa, located ...

Urban Xanadu, The New Project of LSD Casa

Urban Xanadu-the new project of LSD Casa, located in West Lake of China, has its own philosophical meaning of “an ideal hermit hidden in crowds”.

LSD is part of the ZAIZAO Group and founded in 2007 by Mr. Ge Yaxi, a well-known Chinese interior designer.

The group provides interior design and top-level customization services for real estate, commercial offices, hotel apartments, and private residences.

Urban Xanadu-the new

The style of Urban Xanadu based on the real feelings of “content”. Through the use of light and shadow, materials and colors,

LSD uses modern minimalism in order to express an understanding of what life should be. All revert a pure and simple oriental taste.


Urban Xanadu-the new

More amazingly, LSD uses an organic combination of different materials to show the texture of light and shadow in the design of the living room.​

Marble coffee tables
are wrapped by fluffy rugs. Gathering with a well-curved sofa and a plump room chair. All this provides a smooth and relaxing atmosphere to your home.

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Urban Xanadu-the new

A painting on the wall behind the dining table, reflects a beautiful landscape scenery.

The light above the dining table goes through the rice-paper lampshade,
making all the surroundings more charming and one-of-a-kind.

Urban Xanadu-the new

Based on the changes of a contemporary family structure and life concept, the project creates a space for
double master bedrooms, giving male and female exclusive space.

The former is deep and steady, while the latter enjoys an elegant atmosphere.

Urban Xanadu-the new

room designed to meet the tranquility need.
A row of bookshelves leaning against the wall, a comfortable single sofa leaning in the corner, and the
shadows of the plants, flowing with the light. All create a silent slowness, with the time goes by.


Urban Xanadu-the new

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