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Hommes Studio - Xmas Gift Guide

Xmas Gift Guide

Time moves fast. It’s the holiday season again. The streets are filled with colorful spots of light and some sentimental scents are spread into the air. The atmosphere is sweet like sugar and chocolate. We feel homesick and a bit nostalgic and we revisit the best memories of the ending year and start to dream about the amazing ride around the sun awaiting us.
The holiday season is an emotion. Yet, there’s one thing that can be anticlimactic – and it ain’t the non-stop All I Want For Christmas Is You but the relentless question ‘what to gift the person who has everything?’

Our gift guide allows you to live the holiday season to the fullest with enlisted one-of-a-kind gifts for the special people in your life who you would gift the whole world if you could.


claire dressing table

max armchair

rosalia cabinet

joanne bar chair

desk 44 office

luminous table lamp

fifih bench

los gordos center tables

Vétiver rug

yves center table

ajui armchair

rebus sideboar

cocoon chandelier

arcana bench

jagger daybe

ibiza mirror

octo console

bossa center table


picasso center table

lunarys stool

ach collection

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