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Hommes Studio - Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle style is present in this daring but straightforward design set. Due to the colors of the place itself, a jungle theme is a perfect definition. It’s a rebel yet classy and elegant scenario.
The warm colors and the green details bring the forest vibe where calm and serenity are the main words. The eye-catching pieces help to reinforce a youthful and edgy charisma into this interior set.
This corner design is complete when we combine Rebus Folding Screen with rotative screens, leading to multiple combinations. Gyvaté Armchair, the symbol of comfort and elegance with an exquisite design. Finally, Kara Side Table has a character to fulfill this Urban Jungle set design.


Kong Armchair

Rebus Room Divider

Kara Side Table

Gyvaté Armchair

Monk Room Divider

Alice Armchair

Tavle Side Table

Ajui Amrchair

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