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Hommes Studio - Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise & Sunset


Sunrise, the time in the morning when the daylight comes in. The sun appears on the pale horizon, the moon is long gone, the sky becomes brighter, and its colors warmer.

As the sun rises, sunlight comes in and we welcome warmer colors and textures. A juxtaposition of red, pink, orange, and yellow hues that we often find in modern interior design projects.


Sunset, the time in the evening when daylight fades away. The sun hides behind the blue horizon, the amber circle clears the way for the silver moon, and blue skies become a black canvas with glimmering metallic dots.

As the sun sets, light fades and we welcome layers of colors and textures that we repeat in modern interiors – the neutral hues, the metallic accents, and the timeless beauty of dark pigments.


roy sideboard

cocoon floor lamp

ajui armchair

palm mirror

billie dining table

olafur bookshelve

scille dining chair

mantis dining chair

moa armchair

zadine wall mirror

bambi stool

antelope rug

vétiver rug

luminous suspension lamp

ibiza mirror

luminous table lamp

cadiz console table

3 marias coffee table

lunarys sofa

lunarys coffee table

kongo armchair

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