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Hommes Studio - Dolce Far Niente

Dolce Far Niente

Il dolce far niente. Allow time to slow down. Let loose time perception.

Feast your eyes on the colors of the Mediterranean landscape – the green from the vegetation and the blue from the sea. Enjoy the sound of running water and the taste of deep-red sweet tomatoes from the morning harvest. Touch the vegan leather of your couch and let a fringed cushion tickle your palm. Smell fresh basil or a scented candle. And feel shivers when feeling the warm temperature of a marble side table and the cold temperature of golden stainless steel.

Dolce far niente is a lifestyle – and the concept of your next interior design project.


marina lounger

pollock side table/parasol base

jelly pouf

lisola armchair

lisola sofa

lynx wall lamp

bonnie armchair

marcel daybed

elektra parasol

mykonos daybed

tropez daybed

lunarys center table

cinco chair

atlas side table

clyde center table

foil daybed

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