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Hommes Studio - Modern Italian Lexicon

Modern Italian Lexicon

Modern Italian Lexicon, a living room with a futuristic approach to interior design impacted by timeless elements and traditional craftsmanship.

The Modern Italian living room has a plethora of visual arrangements that set off an emotional response to color block, sculptural furniture, and hypnotic patterns. 

The tasteful Modern Italian Lexicon is a sensory engagement to the black, white and yellow triad, to the chunky furniture, and to an array of dramatic textures that we find on the untamed rug, on the melting surface of the marble coffee table, and the exquisite metallic mesh of the cabinet. Pure flawlessness.



alice armchair

odonto coffee table

roma bar cabinet

luminous floor lamp

rosalia cabinet

italic stool

kongo armchair

clyde center table

burton cabinet

luminous table lamp

antelope rug

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