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Hommes Studio - Jazz Age

Jazz Age

Jazz Age is the mood for an elegant art deco interior design project. Taking inspiration from the Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age celebrates love and luxe.

Rosy hues, black and gold form a triad of charm, power, and sophistication. The color palette is simultaneously seductive and festive. From pale pink to orange to rusty red –  love becomes joy and lust in a Gatsbyesque style.

The vibrancy within the shapes and textures in front of our eyes sounds like rhythmic trumpets in the back of our mind. This dense visual composition is the outset of a stunning art deco interior design project.


leafus suspension lamp

tower dining table

bombom stool

samira dining chair

joanne chair

niagara side table

davis chair

cocoon suspension lamp

lush wall mirror

rebus sideboard

jucca chair

rebus room divider

cher suspension lamp

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