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Hommes Studio - Green Lush & Burnt Sienna

Green Lush & Burnt Sienna

Green Lush

Murky natural hues, smooth and crispy surfaces, and streamlined and organic shapes repeat the unworldly sensation of immersing in nature.
Earthy green, caramel, and deeper brown hues bring outdoor indoors most luxuriously.
A multitude of layers stimulates all our senses, with nature-inspired visual and tactile textures.
Spend the Fall outdoors, in the comfort of your home.

Burnt Sienna

Mustard yellow, orange, sienna, purple, and brown are the colors your home should wear this Fall.
The palette of saturated earthy hues tempers the muted color scheme of your interior project.
Playful arrangements, a modern rug with an organic shape, and some golden accents mimic the Autumn metamorphosis and outline a healthful home.



maak bench

leafus wall lamp

atlas side table

fifih bench

cocoon sconce

panorama rug

cocoon floor lamp

billie side table

zeus bench

luminous floor lamp

moritz mirror

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