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Hommes Studio - French Allure

French Allure

A French-inspired room, where timeless aesthetics and lasting quality stand out, specially created for art lovers and collectors of design pieces.
French Allure Living area is all about bright colors, accessories, and well-balanced contrasts, a contemporary interior that perfectly combines traditional charm with modern design.
Inspired by the sophisticated “Je ne Sais Quoi,” this design predominates white color, soaring ceilings, bold patterns, and outstanding furniture. The wall mirrors composition reflects personality and charisma in any contemporary wall decoration. Inspired by the vivid and timeless decoration textures, they combine perfectly with the modern sideboard of harmonious shapes and materials of high quality.


Rosalia Sideboard

Moritz Mirror

Palm Mirror

Cocoon floor lamp

martinez mirror

manu stool

ibiza mirror

eros stool

titan mirror

Rosalia Cabinet

Nagy Bowl by Ach Collection

Rebus Sideboard

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