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Hommes Studio - Dreamers’ Rendezvous

Dreamers’ Rendezvous

Dreamers’ Rendezvous set is an invitation to be part of a creative and dream scenario. Inspired by Picasso’s painting, dream, this intimate living area reflects the personality and dreamers’ soul.

The beautiful background creates a melancholy and cinematic expression with bold colors, and a unique design display portrays a contemporary living area.


Gyvaté Modular Sofa

Picasso Center Table

Alice Arm Chair

Luminous Table Lamp

Gyvaté Round Sofa

3 Marias Side Table

Cocoon Suspension Lamp

gyvate serpentine sofa

lunarys stool

zeus bench

cluedo armchair

dyta table lamp

titan mirror

jagger daybed

fuschia dining table

Palm Mirror

Kelly Square Lamp

Queen Table Lamp

Queen Vase

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