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Hommes Studio - Design in Wonderland

Design in Wonderland

Design in Wonderland is an unworldly way of experiencing design. Design in Wonderland is a modern entryway full of peculiar characters.

This wonderful world of design is an eclectic interior. It has electrifying colors, accentuated textures, and unique furniture pieces. It is modern, futuristic, and surrealist.

A boho-chic mirror reflects good vibes. A brutalist floor lamp lights up the future, while a surrealist mid-century modern cabinet is a portal to another dimension—a dimension where interior design has no rules and is more colorful, intense, and artistic.
No wonder that Design in Wonderland gives you the chills.




burton cabinet

ibiza mirror

lynx floor lamp

burton dining table

cinco chair

octo console table

lynx table lamp

bonnie chair

clyde center table

zebra folding

fifih bench

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