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Shop the look: Concrete Charm & Crude Crush
Hommes Studio - Concrete Charm & Crude Crush

Concrete Charm & Crude Crush

Concrete Charm

Mid-Century modernist homes await chunky furniture and zingy home accessories.
Juxtaposing with its charming raw concrete flair, modern furniture pieces with blocky shapes and zingy color accents will enliven any home.
Bump up your Fall interior design project with sophisticated design pieces.

Crude Crush

A minimal home with neutral colors and muted sandy glimpses nourishes the mind, body, and soul and celebrates astounding craftsmanship.
Contemporary furniture and elegant home accessories have distinctive features, sustainable materials, and seductive textures.
With a relaxing atmosphere, Minimal Crush is home to modern furniture designed and manufactured with passion and detail.



lynx wall lamp

moa armchair

arcana bench

lynx table lamp

antelope rug

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