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Hommes Studio - Blue Riviera

Blue Riviera

Blue Riviera is an unworldly place. A modern outdoor lounge where you just have to eat fresh fruit, swim, and sunbathe. Blue Riviera can be anywhere in the world. It can be on your outdoor patio.

All you need is modern outdoor lounge furniture with elegant and sophisticated design. Blue Riviera is a classy and visually pleasing place. It has a polished aesthetic, sleek shapes, and bright colors, much like a high-end resort.

Your outdoor patio is about to be your favorite summer destination.



marina outdoor chair

clyde center table

elektra parasol

pollock side table/ parasol base

bonnie chair

tropez daybed


marcel daybed

roxanna parasol base/ side table

mani dining table

t-rex Bowl

Zebra Pillow by Ach Collection

lisola armchair

Pet Bowl by Ach Collection

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