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Black & White Interiors

Black & White Interiors represent the negative and the positive, the evil and the good.
Two opposite energies meet and create unique and timeless interior design projects.

The black and white aesthetic is striking. It is conventional and revolutionary, classicism and glam rock. And just like Yin and Yang, black and white interiors bring balance to any home.

Black and White interiors are daring. They dare you to be bold. Add touches of gold fiercely, vibrant pops of color, and unique designer furniture. Make a statement, be brave, and let your creativity flow – black and white interiors are everything or nothing.


tropez daybed

picasso coffee table

ibiza wall mirror

lunarys coffee table

marina chair

elektra parasol

mykonos daybed

quantic console table

titan wall mirror

leafus suspension lamp

fifih bench

moa armchair

zebra room divider

fuschia dining table

luminous suspension lamp

lunarys stool

panorama rug

dyta table lamp

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