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Product Design

We craft the identity of each product with passion and commitment. Presenting new products on a monthly basis, in HOMMÉS we believe that the excitement of fresh new ideas must never be underestimated

 - Hommes Studio

Interior Design

Presenting our own interiors concept, we intend to reserve each client a unique design-experience, always focusing on a premium customer-service.

 - Hommes Studio

Luxury Shop Fitting

HOMMÉS Studio offers among on our proposals a strong personality, advising and creating ephemeral projects, with an unique style. Always with an eye in public spaces , we mix iconic styles from the 20th century with contemporary looks, creating remarkable atmospheres. To be commercial driven is , on our own understanding, a plus. Focused in fitting our own products in commercial spaces, where everyone can experience them, we do have our own interior concept for retail spaces.

 - Hommes Studio


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