New opening store of Elemoment Shenzhen, Elemoment Home

New Opening Store of Elemoment Shenzhen

New opening store of Elemoment Shenzhen, Elemoment Home Art Museum is located in Shenzhen.

Designed by Kiweis Art Studio, Elemoment Home Art Museum held a grand opening ceremony at Shenzhen International Art Exhibition Center. Elemoment Home starts the interior art design for public places since 2006.

Also, it provides space and art aesthetic solutions for high-end levels and noble public space in domestic and international markets.

New opening store of

The iADC, located in the northern part of Shenzhen Bao’an Grand Airport.

Its scale and position make it become an iconic landmark for original home design.

As a gathering place for global living aesthetics, many first-line home furnishing brands, such as B & B, Fendi Casa, etc, all presented.


New opening store of

Elemoment Home Art Museum, located in the top-level Skyline Garden, with excellent outdoor lighting.

The CDO and designer of Elemoment, Kiweis, making home aesthetic into this art museum.

Here, he starts his new experiment in life art.

He launched his own design brand, aims to bring quality and unique design products to millions of households.

New opening store of

In Elemoment Home Art Museum, Kiweis describes the concept of artistic life into his original home design.

He combines the first Dalloway series with art oil paintings. Moreover, the showroom showcases his original design series “Urban Wild”.

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New opening store of

“The details of life deserve to be recorded. We combine the home design with photography,

applying the interaction between objects and light to present your minds.” -Kiweis.

New opening store of

Kiweis aims to bring more quality and original home design to the world.

More amazingly, its design filled with unique aesthetic, at your place.

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New opening store of

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