Las Vegas Market 2020-5 Bold Pieces for a House in Nevada

Las Vegas Market 2020 & 5 Bold Pieces for a House in Nevada

The Las Vegas Market 2020 will run from Jan 26th to the 30th at World Market Center Las Vegas.

As Design Experts, we want to present you not only the event but also 5 Bold pieces for a House in Nevada.


Las Vegas Market 2020

Since its launch in the Summer of 2005,

Las Vegas Market has become the most comprehensive furniture, home decor and gift market in the Western United States.

Las Vegas Market 2020

It is a world-class experience to offer access to furniture, bedding, lighting, flooring, accessories and gift resources.

Therefore, everybody that attends this event is looking to find the perfect pieces to add to an exclusive design project. Well, this year Hommés Studio won’t be exhibiting at Las Vegas Market, but we want to suggest you 5 Bold Pieces for a House in Nevada.

Las Vegas Market 2020

First one, this four-layer center table is a balanced blend of Art Deco style. It has a combination of eccentric stripe, leather and marble elements.

Due to its different top heights, this coffee table can serve a project’s various purposes.

For example, showcasing books, showcasing pottery or luxury scented candles.

Las Vegas Market 2020

The second one, made of colored glass, a brass structure and White Carrara marble. This wall lamp enriches any space with beautiful appointments.

It is ideal for use with incandescent light to create evocative atmosphere.

(P.S. – Explore more modern furniture pieces here.)

Las Vegas Market 2020

The third suggestion, characterized by a revolutionary shape, this four-seat sofa has a powerful presence to cause an impression on your guests.

Inspired by the contemporary style, it provides a different softness, better resistance, and a glamorous aesthetic impact.

Las Vegas Market 2020

The fourth piece is curated by its look, refined in its materials. This console is an outstanding piece.

White Panda Marble top, travertine stone legs with a plated gold in the middle, making this masterpiece with aesthetic balance.

Las Vegas Market 2020

Last but not least, this stool that is result of a supreme design.

It enhances everyday life, and makes your interior design project more refined than ever.

Las Vegas Market 2020