La Muralla Roja a Spanish Architecture Project by HOMMÉS Studio

La Muralla Roja in Spain

La Muralla Roja, a Spanish Architecture Project, also known as The Red Wall, is a housing project from the architect Ricardo Bofill built nearly 50 years ago in the seaside cliff in Calpe, Alicante, Spain.

With a clear reference to the arab mediterranean, the building is like a fortress, which silhouette mimics the site’s cliffside geography.

La muralla Roja is also an avant-garde reinterpretation of the casbah, which is the walled citadel typical architecture in north african countries.

Nowadays, this modern illustration became very popular on social media, because of its instagramable colours, featuring various tones of red in the exterior, to accentuate the contrast with the landscape.

 On the contrary, the interlocking stairs, platforms, bridges and indoor patios were painted in blue tones, ranging from light to dark. Depending on the weather conditions, the intention is to contrast with the blue sky or to create visually continuity with it.

This labyrinth took two decades to be finished and now is a full resort and apartment complex that features swimming pools, bars, restaurants and sports facilities.

la muralla roja
la muralla roja

A private heaven not accessible for all. A place to rest and combine design, architecture, art and well-being.

However, “La Muralla Roja a Spanish Project” is only one of the places where you can share relaxing moments and mix them with an architectural experience. In fact, you can find much more ideas and inspirations by reading our Architecture Articles.

We also wonder, which style of furniture do these houses have? Something minimalist? Or probably a mid-century furniture style. We don’t know, but it’s something unique for sure.

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