The Amazing Eclectic Home of Designer Beata Heuman


Colorful rooms, bold patterns, striking furniture, and a lot of art. This is Beata Heuman’s unique, maximalist, eclectic home.

The colorful living room of Beata Heuman's eclectic home

The Swedish-born designer (now London-based) Beata Heuman has built a name for herself in the interior design world, fueled by her unique and playful view on home design. These are central aspects of the designer’s styling, clearly reflected in her own eclectic home, a riverside townhouse in Hammersmith (London) that screams creativity, comfort, and open-mindedness.

The Entryway

This is noticeable from the moment one enters the house. From abstract paintings of blue and white shapes that contrast with the simple beige wallpaper to the striped shades on the window, the white ball-shaped suspension lamps, or the not-so-small mirror on top of the door to the bathroom, this entryway is only the tip of the creativity iceberg that is this eclectic home.

Eclectic entryway with beige wallpaper

If we move deeper into this house, we will find its true heart (or hearts): the living room and the dining room.

The Living and Dining Rooms

Here, the maximalist tendencies of the designer really stand out, going for a more-is-more approach with layers of patterns and colors stacked on top of each other and tons of objects everywhere you look, adding detail and a sense of adventure to the room, with standouts like the scalloped green tray, the pair of red and white lumbar cushions on top of the sofa, or the big yellow painting of what seems to be a dog and two ravens.

Yet, Beata believes there’s always room for more and newer stuff, arguing, “It is important to create a home that can take being added to over the years.”

On the other hand, the designer also clearly understands the need for functionality in certain spaces, like the kitchen or the bathrooms, where the stylistic choices are not diluted but instead purposely controlled in favor of the usability of these rooms.

The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, a space where Beata Heuman and her family spend some time cooking their meals, there’s clearly a need for clean and wide surfaces. However, the designer still manages to let her creativity come through with the choice of this beautiful blue marble for the counter, which perfectly matches the blue-ish tone of the glass in the ceiling and the big blue cabinet (perfect for storing while still aligning with the eclectic home design).

The Bathrooms

Moving on to the bathrooms, this house has 3 of them, and they all follow the same design rule as the kitchen, prioritizing functionality while still portraying creativity, fun, and, of course, beauty. Furthermore, they are also a perfect example of this eclectic home design, showcasing the multiple different ways that the designer decorates this same type of room while still innovating in each of them through the use of multiple design references that are mixed and matched in the most imaginative ways.

Besides that, one may also identify the care for a continuous and cohesive vision when it comes to this project, which is established here by some of the connective elements used (like, for example, the color scheme) and even more by the similar layout of these spaces.

The Bedrooms

This same cohesiveness can be found in the bedrooms, where things like the blue color scheme predominant in one of the bedrooms or the beige wallpaper in the other one take us back to some of the previous rooms (like the kitchen and the entry). However, re-visiting these elements doesn’t get boring but instead more creative and fun, thanks to the different combinations the designer explores in this eclectic home.

But when it comes to creativity and fun, there is no better example than the children’s room. With its cartoon-covered yellow-painted walls, which contrast with the slightly more adult and traditional pieces of furniture, this room perfectly balances what a child wants in a room and what the parents want the room to look like, creating a space unique to the children but that still goes with the rest of this eclectic home’s design.

The Outdoor Shed

But if we’re talking about uniqueness, there’s nothing like this next and final room.

This outdoor shed is the perfect addition to this house. It creates a comfortable space for the sunniest days and the most wonderful nights (even in rainy London) that, with its striking color palette and mix of patterns, elevates the outdoor area to the level of the house.

A colorful and cozy small outdoor shed

A True Eclectic Home

And what a beautiful house this is! A true eclectic home filled with creative and fun design choices, a slightly maximalist approach that still leaves room for functionality and usability, and a sense of cohesiveness that wraps the whole project together.

This house is like the embodiment of a dream (a very fun and pretty one, may we add), something that we here at HOMMÉS Studio also know a thing or two about. So go ahead and check out our article on “10 Stunning Maximalist Furniture to Complete your Interior Design Project” so that you, too, can craft a home as exciting, fun, and creative as this one.

maximalist decor, living room design in earthy shades

Source: Beata Heuman

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