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Your are reading: 6 Luxurious Rugs that will take interiors to another level
6 Luxurious Rugs that will take interiors to another level - Hommes Studio

6 Luxurious Rugs that will take interiors to another level

HOMMÉS Studio welcomes a collection of luxurious rugs to take your interior design project to another level.

Shaped Rugs have the power to create a new silhouette in your home. Evoking a powerful combination of elegant colors and unique shapes. In addition, our handmade rugs have an excellent selection of textiles and luxury leathers.

Panorama Rug

A contemporary decorative piece reflecting a mix of shapes, colors, and materials made by experient hands. It can be featured in your next luxury living room as a functional decor piece.

Antelope Rug

modern rug for a contemporary interiors

A design masterpiece, perfect to be part of your next luxury design projects as a statement decor item. The beautiful and one of a kind details will infuse any room division with style and magnetism.

Crina Rug

It has a unique design puzzle shape. This floor-art piece is a powerful combination of nude tones and organic shapes. An extraordinary modern rug perfect for contemporary home decor.

Combo Rug

The rug above arises from a powerful combination of materials and shapes that collide in the same dimension. With an abstract design, this modern rug can be the protagonist of your next home decor project. Made by the wisest hands, it is a versatile and innovative design thanks to its patchwork.

Piano Rug

An abstract design is a bold choice for a mid-century living room. This rug is following the design trends dictated by the interior design gurus. It can be placed on a wall as an art piece.

Ammir Rug

Designed by Hommés Studio is a boundless expression of the Islamic culture. Hand-tufted with New Zealand wool, mohair and cotton. A mix of shapes and neutral tonalities that will make your dining room a one-of-a-kind.

We really hope you liked our selection of luxurious rugs. Feel free to pin all the images to your favourite Pinterest board. Meanwhile, you can also visit our Pinterest boards to get more inspirations.

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