A Modern Home Design Case by ID Some into your home

A Modern Home Design Case by ID Some

Introducing a modern home design case by ID Some into your home could be a nice idea.

This residence located in Taipei, designed by Mr. Tang Zhonghan.

Inspired with intellectual modern style, rational lines, calm tones, and exquisite art installations, this home presents rich levels and diversified space.


Introducing a modern home

The overall design uses different materials to make a perfect fusion, and cleverly applies the differences to divide the functionality of the area.

A large stainless steel wall with metallic silk and a rough stone wall divide a gray area leading to the living room.


Besides, the design of the living room and the open middle island make the visual space depth and width.

The large-scale floor-to-ceiling window, under the refraction of sunlight, warming the temperature of

the space and improving the comfort of your body and soul.

Introducing a modern home

Jumping colors of the dining room, the display of furniture and art sculptures, all adding liveliness to the overall design.

This creates the richness of the senses, also brings the environment and atmosphere to a calm and beautiful balance.

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Introducing a modern home

The bedroom on the second floor is connected to the living room on the first floor.

The electrified glass in the bedroom considers the concealment and perspective of the space.

Introducing a modern home

The glass sliding door in the staircase also plays a good role in space separation.

In other words, it creates two independent space without interfering with each other.

Introducing a modern home

Overall, ingenuity in the design allows residents to stay close to each other, and also respect and retain the different pace of life.

Therefore, such modern and novel thinking allows multiple space coexist at the same time.

Introducing a modern home

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