A journey back to nature in bubble domes would be amazing

A Journey back to Nature in Bubble Domes

A journey back to nature in bubble domes would be amazing.

These remarkable transparent bubble domes are scattered in Northern Ireland woodland area by a lake.

Inspired by a natural aesthetic with Scandinavia stylish interiors.

It provides an unforgettable glamping experience for glamping enthusiasts and people who want to get away from modern traffic. 

A journey back

These bubble domes break down a normal impression of a bad living environment in forest,

but bringing people’s comfortable material with modern interior design.

It provides an en-suite bedroom, a soaping tub, and other thoughtful room decor,

followed up with textured home bed. All show of a taste of nature.


Besides, underfloor heating and heated mattresses are the standard in both doom room offerings-

the standard Forest Bubble Dome and the Premium Bubble Dome. Here you can know more about beautiful room decor. 

A journey back

The curious-looking inflatable dome makes itself as a perfect spot to relax and explore.

Woke up by the bird lovely songs and a tempting breakfast, a new day just begins.


People can easily enjoy a full set of outdoors activities based on huge space around the place,

picnicking, rowing boats and jungle adventures. 

A journey back

After a day exploration, bubbles domes lighted up during the night to provide you an unforgettable romantic star night.

Chitchatting and dancing with friends around the fireplace, sleeping beneath the stars with an amazing sky view,

A journey back

Sky views are best enjoyed January to March when visibility of the Milky Way is at its best.

All those natural exterior ideas offer you an immersion experience.

For more information, please check on Finn lough website to proceed with your sweet journey.

A journey back

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